This is the beginning.

Naughty Goat has always been about challenging the definition of fine coffee.

Our debut project : the signature 40-hour cold brew, a manifesto neatly tucked into an elegant bottle.

Like any other great coffee, it's as simple as coffee beans and water. And yet, it demands a few specific things.

Beautiful cherries, careful post-harvest, and an inspired roast profile.

Now all that's left is to brew it with some good water. Bottle it, stopper, and seal.

There you have it. Unprecedentedly delicious, and deceptively strong.

The smooth aftertaste and vivid clarity that have become our character, we now present to you.


FAQs and tl;drs.

What is this?

It’s cold brew taken to the next level, and the best you’ve ever tasted.


Our vision when we started this project was simple.

We were frustrated that people didn't take cold-brewed coffees seriously, and we wanted to change that.

You see. Cold brews actually aren’t that much different from filters or espressos, or even any other craft in the world.

If you approach it with sincerity, it will be evident in the result.

In the end, we made something unprecedented, and we saw the beginning of a new era.

Whether you're someone who usually likes cold brew or not, this will blow your mind.

When will I get my bottle?

Usually within 2 to 5 days. If you need it on a specific day, we still recommend you pre-order by a week or more.


The moment you finalise your order, we'll try to send it out within the day or the next day.

After that, it should arrive within the next 1-3 days from shipping.

Sometimes ready stock runs out, though, in which case you have to wait a little bit longer.

We have a new batch of fresh cold brew 3 times a week, but demand occasionally spikes, and our available stock can run out even for the next 2-3 batches.

If you have a large order, or during peak seasons such as Lebaran or Christmas, we would recommend making a pre-order a week or two beforehand.

How long can I keep this?

2 weeks from production. The flavour will continue to evolve and develop daily.


One of the most exciting things about our cold brew is how its flavour continues to change as you slowly finish the bottle.

Starting from a clean and mellow flavour, your coffee will taste brighter and more complex the longer you keep it.

We don't add any preservatives, so after more than 2 weeks from the production date, you may risk growing mold.

Opening the bottle or not does not change its shelf life.

Important things to note:
- don't contaminate it, even
with clean water or utensils.
- keep it chilled.
- don’t expose to sunlight.

In general, it’s great to taste it at room temp once it arrives, before chilling it and finishing it slowly over the next 2 weeks.

Does it contain alcohol, milk, or sugar?

No. It’s pure coffee.


We only use coffee and water as ingredients in your cold brew.

Even from the farm, we take care to keep our coffee cherries and coffee beans unadulterated.

What you're getting in the bottle is a pure coffee concentrate.

If you want, you can mix in your own milk when you serve it.

We have also submitted samples of your cold brew for a lab test, so don't worry!

It's non-alcoholic.

How do I drink this?


Just pure cold brew.
Simply pour, and then sip slowly.


Add a single drop of water.
Opens up hidden flavours.


Splash in about half water.
Balanced and perfect for tasting.


A generous pour on ice.
Mutes acidity, and extends aftertaste.


Lots of ice, and about 1:2 water. Delicate, with layers of nuance.


1:1 with fresh milk. Avoid UHT.
Rich and creamy texture.

How much of this can I drink?

30 ml per serving. Up to 90 ml a day.


Even though your cold brew is extremely smooth, it's actually much stronger than you think.

This is because of 2 things:
1. A short 1:4 ratio.
2. A long 40 hour brew time.

You should not drink more than 400mg caffeine within 24 hours.

This is around 6 shots espresso.

Since your cold brew is about twice as strong, your maximum is 90ml, or 3 shots of cold brew.

Which bottle should I get?

The Judge.


Every single one of our bottles is distinct from the others.

They're all amazing, but if this is your first time, we recommend The Judge, which is both our flagship and our bestseller.

All of our coffees are either medium-acidity or high-acidity, but this one is very special.

It has a medium acidity and a rounded body, tastes dominantly like berries, and it's savoury and subtly floral.

Even many drinkers who usually don’t like any acidity at all in their coffee have confided that they can enjoy The Judge.

Alternatively, send us a message on WhatsApp, and we’ll be happy to recommend a specific bottle for you.

I have a lot of empty bottles. What can I do with them?

You can wash it and return it to us for store credit.


Many of you have stocked up on dozens of our empty bottles, and don't know what to do with them anymore.

Good news!

We do accept bottle returns, as long as they're clean and haven't been damaged.

You can leave the wax on, but give them a wash to prevent mold, and make sure they're not scratched or chipped.

Once we verify that the bottle is still useable, we'll credit to your next purchase:
- IDR 50,000 (engraved)
- IDR 20,000 (plain)

Just make sure we know that it’s from you.

Please also check with us that your bottle is still in circulation before you send it over.

Your packaging is very pretty, but is there a more eco-friendly option?

Just ask us to omit the packaging. We will send you just the bottle in a box.


We have a lot of patrons asking this, especially our subscribers.

No problem! Just let us know, because we typically don't offer unless you ask.

You'll receive your bottle sealed with wax as usual, but we'll drop the prints, cards, and stickers.

To protect it during transport, we'll still pad it securely in a cardboard box.

Our courier will make sure it reaches you safe and sound.